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Last Exit To Nowhere

When you’re buying presents for me, DVDs are probably a no go. There’s a good chance I will have it already, and if I don’t then I’m not sure the shelves currently bulging at the seams with DVDs would appreciate the latest boxset quite as much as me. For my birthday then, Charlotte carried on the movie theme by heading straight for Last Exit to Nowhere. Run by film enthusiasts, the apparel company revel in designing clothes littered in cleverly subtle movie references. Whether it’s a t-shirt with the Blade Runner noddle bar logo on, or a Bedford Falls (It’s a Wonderful Life, 1946) sweatshirt, the website is a paradise for film nerds. Below are the beginnings of my collection.

Mighty Mick’s Boxing Hoodie

Clichéd as it is, running of the Philadelphia steps and jumping around is right up there on my bucket list. For the time being, the closest I can come is wearing this really comfy hoodie with the Micky’s Gym logo on the front. Super subtle reference that will past many by, but I did get a very excited cashier at Spar pointing out how much she liked it one day. Probably a bit too thick for actually going for a run in, but perfect for lazing around in front of a Rocky montage as you stuff your face full of pringles.

Jaws 19 T-shirt

Probably my favourite of them all. Love that it combines two of my favourite films in one with its logo from the joke Jaws sequel Marty comes across in back to the Future via a giant shark hologram ad. Really nice fit too. Shame there aren’t more of these baseball style tops on the site.

Amity Island Jumper

Another Jaws reference (Charlotte knows me well), and maybe the most obvious of all of the references on my list. The advert for the doomed island from the Jaws franchise looks great and has had a couple of appreciative nods from fellow cinemagoers.

Unicorn origami T-shirt

Although I’d had my eye on this for a long time, I finally went for it when the site had a 20% off code available. There were loads of colours to pick from, it fits really well, and I like how distinctive the image is without rubbing in your face what it’s referencing. Dave Bautista tweeted a picture of the unicorn origami as a reveal that he would be in the sequel currently in production. Needless to say I can’t wait to see how that turns out. I’ve always really liked the original, and even have a Bladerunner Cinema Redux up on my wall. Apparently I have to take my sister to see the new one though. May be something to do with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford sharing the same screen. Just maybe…


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